Once grain is harvested, it must be stored properly in order for it to remain intact and ready for market.

Efficient grain storage systems have been established to keep grains at peak levels so that they can be marketed when they are at their best. Today’s grain farmers utilize many storage processes to assure that their grain business remains profitable and safe.

Grain is usually stored in large facilities known as silos. These silos store the grain so that it germinates properly and stays fresh until it’s ready for market. Before entering the silo, the grain is sent to an area where it is cleaned thoroughly. During this process, the chaff and other debris are removed before the remaining grain is sent to a screen where drops into an elevator bucket. Then, the grain is taken up by the elevator to waiting storage bins for further drying. Here it stays and is continually aerated during the entire storage period.


Farmers must always be on the lookout for mold in their grain storage facilities, especially during cold, wet weather. If a grain bin is poorly ventilated, there is a greater chance that mold will result and thrive during adverse weather conditions. Not only will stored grains be seriously damaged but the health risks to workers increase substantially if mold or other toxic substances are present.

In order to keep storage systems working properly, the grain must be kept dry. This means, essentially, that the moisture content should be no more than 15%. In addition, as much debris as possible must be removed before the grain enters a storage bin so that mold doesn’t build up from excess moisture. If the grain is stored outside rather than in a silo, it must be securely covered with tarps and stored up off the damp ground.

In order for grain storage systems to keep grain at its peak, they must be set up to handle grain with care from the time it is harvested until it is sent to market. This means that these systems must be set up according to strict operating standards and follow all governmental safety regulations.

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