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We provide quality workmanship in the construction of commercial grain bins nationwide. Our state of the art equipment is a key to meeting the demands of sizable storage facilities. We are well known as reliable professionals in commercial grain bin construction. We work throughout the distribution channels of the agricultural industry and would be thrilled to be able to provide a quote for your next big project.

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The following article describes one of the bins that we built:


A visitor at All American Co-op’s open house to show off its new $6.5 million expansion in Elgin blurted out what many were probably thinking while standing inside a cavernous 1 million bushel storage bin Wednesday night:

“That’s one fricking huge grain bin.”

Read the article published on the PostBulletin here.

Feed & Grain Magazine

This new high-speed shuttle loading facility is one of the sites we worked on recently.


While UGS includes UFC’s existing grain division, this new business entity is hallmarked by a new 7-million-bushel, high-speed, high-volume shuttle loading facility in Brownton, MN.

The story of this collaboration begins a decade ago in the cornstalk-laden fields surrounding the intersection of the highways MN 15 and U.S. Route 212.

Read the article published in the Feed & Grain magazine here.

Commercial Grain Bin construction
Elgin, MN Grain Bin
Inside a huge grain bin in Elgin, MN
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